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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Celebrate Memorial Day

This has really begun to get under my skin. I'll be watching tv, and a commercial comes on asking us to help such-and-such a store to "Celebrate" Memorial Day.


Just how do we "celebrate" Memorial Day? Memorial Day being the day where the country honors those who've died in service to the country's armed forces, what would be appropriate?

Perhaps we could throw a wild party?

Maybe drop a couple thousand dollars on the latest entertainment system?

What's a great way to celebrate?

I'm not quite sure how I am expected to revel in the deaths of fellow servicemen, past and present. Perhaps the sales managers could help explain it to me?

I know, let's ask the folks who've come up to me, no doubt meaning well, who have come up to me wishing me a "Happy Memorial Day!" I suppose we could go to the nearest cematary and blow party whistles and throw confetti?

If people today don't understand the concept of Memorial Day, then how are we to expect them to understand the concept of the sacrifices of our modern day Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coasties?

Just generally disgusted with where we've gone...


Mary*Ann said...

While I didn't hear "Happy Memorial Day"...I did get a couple of "have a great holiday" as I left work. I decided to let it slide...and perhaps address the meaning of Memoria Day on Tuesday when I'm asked "how was your holiday?"

Andrea Shea King said...

Hey SC...

I noticed the same thing -- it drives me nuts to hear someone say "Happy Memorial Day"... In fact, I heard ol' raspy Sen Charlie Rangel say it at the conclusion of a TV interview. It's an appalling show of ignorance. Glad you posted what you did. On the other hand, I've read some beautiful testimonials on several blogsites honoring our war dead.

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