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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Operation Arrowhead Ripper

From where I sit, I have no greater access to information than most of you reading this (and let's be honest, by the counters, there aren't that many coming to my corner of the world.)

Anyway, this shows great promise. It seems that the gloves are off and our Soldiers are being unleashed. Fewer restrictions.

In other words, our Soldiers are being allowed to fight as Soldiers.

Wish I could be there to help support the fight.

Let's continue to pray for our Soldiers, and that the enemy either has the brains to surrender OR at least die quick deaths. And civilians... please stay down or away.



Mary*Ann said...

"...our Soldiers are being unleashed." Hooah indeed!!

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

WAAAY past time!!

BRITISH said...

American soldiers unleashed ha ha ha ha ha, American soldiers couldn't find there own backsides with both hands and a map. The civilians live there idiot, it's their home. Not that that will stop Trigger happy Yanks from murdering them as they have always done. I am surprised that you can even spell civilian I thought that your lot called them collateral damage. Oh and I just bet you are crying blood at not being there, you could of course put in for a transfer??? No, oh well maybe next time eh. You are without doubt a fine upstanding representative of America ie you are inhumane, arrogant, greedy, unjust, selfish, dishonest and dense and and allround good old NAZI. Remember the whole world hates the USA and the only good Yank is a dead one. This post will now be removed as the blogger is a sensitive little soul who is easily upset by strong language (he is an American soldier remember),and who in the tradition of American democracy refuses to be disagreed with, and when is will pick up his ball and run home crying boo hoo those nasty non people who don't come from America upset me, mummy mummy we have to educate, civilise and democratise them with bombs. Oh yeah hardly anyone visits your site because it contains the bleatings of a moron, and judging by the one line, single syllable comments made (definately yanks)those few who do visit are morons too, hey just think your perfectly qualified to be president in fact an entire cabinet! HOOOOOAAH

Andrea Shea King said...

Methinks british ought to have his own about diarrhea of the mouth. Sheesh!

I read Michael Yon's piece about Operation Arrowhead Ripper, and I'm so proud of our fighting men I could burst. God bless them and keep them safe.

And thanks for posting about it. Glad to see you're posting more frequently.

Your Radio Patriot!

A_C said...


I'm impressed, you must really do your homework.

Trigger happy Yanks that murder civillians and call it Collateral Damage?? Do you smoke dope and watch the XFiles too?? No, if you did you would know 'The Truth Is Out There'. Hang around the Milblogs long enough and you may even find it.

The writer of this blog happens to be a moral, responsible and completely amazing person. No pathetic name calling or judgemental crap from his neck of the woods (unlike some).

The world hates those who judge based on misinformation much more than Americans. These people spread lies and dissention, highlighting any negatives and completely disregarding the positives.

The one line comments made have managed to say more of significance than your paragraphs of rambling. Quite simply, nobody here cares what you have to say so take it elsewhere.

Hey, start your own blog. Rest assured, nobody will bother to set you straight. That's the beauty of having your own space.

Eric Arthur Blair said...

Save the planet, nuke the yanks!

british said...

Hey a_c, if nobody cares then why are you commenting, duh! Goodbye Yanks were going home, never should have left, we got fed up of being 'collateral damage' doesn't the USAAF do eye tests? or maybe those trigger fingers were just too itchy. Oh and you better wake up mate because the world DOES hate Americans. What were those words again oh yeah "INTERLECTUALY BANKRUPT"
PS the X files wasn't that an American show? must have been only it's easy to tell as it had a Brit' actor in it, like all the others. Oh well got to get some talent from somewhere. It's a bit like your wars, you can't fight one without us. Oh and let me guess your favourite entertainment would be 'A Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

british said...

Andrea Shea King, The GI,s groupie.