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Monday, July 02, 2007

Curses to Iran

Curses to Iran.

One of the most magnificent, beautiful, and downright sexy aircraft that has graced the skies is being forced to suffer an ignominious death. Why? Because there are only two countries in the world that flew it: the United States (yay, us!) and Islamic Republic of Iran (boooo).

Which aircraft? The F-14 Tomcat.

Most of you may know her from her starring role in Top Gun (Sorry, Mr. Cruise, but the Tomcat was the star. Ask Naval Recruiters from that era.)

Anyway... since the US has had an embargo on Iran ever since Iran invaded the United States in 1979, thus severely limiting the Iranian Air Force's ability to acquire spare parts for the F-14. Understandably, with the recent retirement of the F-1 by the United States, Iran has drooled over the prospect of acquiring parts from the F-14s being stripped for military use.

Congress acted, and declared that it must be ensured that no parts that could be useful to Iran be available.

And there's only one real way to do that.

Destroy the F-14s we have. Viciously. Savagely. Reduce them to tiny little bits.

So, the beautiful beast that once owned the skies the world over... is being reduced to rubble. She was once lovingly maintained by crews who showered her with affection, and now... a mechanical monster sinks its teeth into it like a lion pruning the weak gazelle from the herd.

If you can stomach it, watch here:


Thanks, Iran. May your birds meet the same fate one day.

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