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Saturday, December 29, 2007

One of My Favorite Aussies


Oh, how I've missed this guy. Periodically, he'll come and check in on the blog, usually spend close to an hour, and leave me all sorts of motivational comments.

So, in case you've missed what the pleasant chap from Melbourne has to say, here it is.


From the post Protection from Highly Offensive Material:
Anonymous said...

The word is; OFFENSIVE, you poor illiterate yank der.
You certainly are a believer in free speech eh. Like the rest of your inbreed you are pathetic.
"yore eever wid us or yor agin us"
We're all "agin" you, got it yet. What you gonna do, invade 6 billion?
America the only country to have been found guilty of international terrorism by the UN.
What hypercritical scum you are.

And then there is this one from The Barbaric Six:

I suppose that when a group of Yank 'soldiers'(???) run amok, burst into a home kill he family, including children, they find there and then rape a 13 year old girl before murdering her is not barbaric then eh?
I suppose they are defending freedom and saving the world from terrorists.
You are a seriously deluded, chauvenistic creep, I suggest you get help, quickly, or at least before NOV 08.
Oh yeah, another neo nazi has bit the dust, Howard ex Aussie PM. Not only did his party take a beating but he lost his own seat, and put them out of contention for what will probably be another 10 years. The new PM's first two acts; ratify the Kyoto accord, and pull combat troops out of Iraq.
Ahh how refreshing to be amongst sane, rational, normal Human beings again. Tell me have you got any in your toilet of a country?

And finally... A New Low:
What do you call 10 Yanks at the bottom of a river?.... A good start. said...

Your troops commit mass murder and illegally invade other nations. I wouldn't put it past them to have come up with a con, especially a lame one like this. Although it would be reaching the extent of their imaginations at least they aren't killing anyone for a change.



MissBirdlegs in AL said...

He even motivates me... :) I laughed my head off - well, not quite OFF, thank goodness. Guess he hasn't read that in the US (which didn't sign the Kyoto Accords) emissions have grown slower than 75% of the countries who signed it. He's all outraged about lies and innuendos and is a total know-nothing. Since we're such barbarians, let's stone him! :)

HE HE HE said...

Don't worry mate I've put you on a few other sites and the result...Hilarity. General consensus... you're an idiot. HE HE HE.
Running tabs on me eh, definately Big Brother Yank behaviour, right now you're own fascist Gov't do the same to you, must be something to do with that all seeing eye on the USD. What it must be like to live in a free country, you should try it sometime. Just like a Yank to be a survaillence freak.
Oh and by the way I'm not an Aussie so your survaillence isn't as good as you think it is, you pompous wanker.
In Aussie it's celebration time, as Hicks (ever heard of him) is a free man, after spending five and a half years in your country's own little Gulag Archipelago, you know the place that isn't good enough for Yanks but good enough for Aussies, Brits etc.
I hope he makes millions to compensate for US injustice and no doubt he will.
You post in the public domain, obviously for your ego's sake, yet when you get reactions that disagree with you you crack a hissy fit and make a futile and entirely pathetic attempt to embarress me. Sorry you will have to try harder than that as it only motivates me further, a weak attempt I thought Yanks were tough, but then that's only when they are bombing someone from 1500 feet.
Now I'll leave you to the attentions of your extremely limited fan club, Miss Bandylegs et al for another round of mutual adoration. Ah Alabama noted for being a centre of tolerance and progress and inbreeding.

At least I'm not a military groupie. said...

Hey Birdie has anyone in your country been slowly marched down a corridor, strapped into a chair, shaved, soaked and then fried alive, lately. Or strapped into an air tight container and then gassed. All of course in front of an audience.
Indeed you are such barbarians, unless of course these are all lies and innuendos.
Maybe I am a know nothing but as they say it takes one to know one. I do know you're an Idiot though.