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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Please Explain This to Me

In the past four, nearly five, years... the United States military has suffered 3,911 deaths in Iraq.

I'll save the trip to the calculator. That's a little over 800 per annum.

This massive death toll has spawned worldwide protests, marches, changes of governments, etc.

Less than a thousand per year. (And please, PLEASE, I am NOT attempting to lessen the deaths of any ONE of those.)

However, according to the American Cancer Society, there were an estimated 12,332,300 NEW cancer diagnoses worldwide in 2007.

12 1/4 million.

New cases. Not counting the ones already existing.

The ACS also estimates 7,214,285 DEATHS from cancer in 2007.

Where are the protests?

Where are the calls for government action?

Candidates for office - What is YOUR position on this deadly disease? Everyone has a position on whether we should stay in Iraq (some have more than one - it never hurts to have a spare), but who is calling for action against cancer?

In the 1940s, the Manhattan Project cracked the Atom.

In the 1960s, the Apollo Project reached the Moon.

When will it become an imperative to try to reduce, or dare we dream, ELIMINATE this cause of death from the world's surface.

How many more must die, each day, until it becomes important?

Code*Pink - y'all have a good color... Are you with me?

We can fight back this disease, that turns the body against itself... a different, yet familiar, form of insurgency.

There are so many things that government does poorly... but, some things we've done well. Let's put an end to this disease. Let's bring LIFE to so many.

We can do it.

If it's important to us. It is to me. How about you?


Civilised cos I'm not a Yank said...

What's highly noticeable about this article? Yep you've got it. It's the way the author totally ignores the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Of course though they don't matter, they're not Yanks are they? No they're foreigners, brown ones and biggest offence of all MUSLIMS. Just non people.
What a piece of disgusting work he is!

Mary*Ann said...

Not a yank if the writings on this blog upset you so, why do you keep coming back? I'm sorry you are so angry. I hope that someday you will find happiness. But I suspect you will say that happiness will come because of something terrible happening to us yanks...

brat said...

Not a yank - and yes, I am also NOT a yank... I suggest to you that the Iraqi civilians killed in this war are killed by their own "suicide bombers" or as I prefer to call them:MURDERERS!The civilians being killed are being targeted by their own country"men", because the majority of Iraqis want a peace to raise their families in. I also remind you that during Saddam's "reign", millions of Iraqis died at HIS hands. I do know quite a few Americans, soldiers too, and I object most strenuously to your suggesting that the deaths of Iraqi civilians "don't matter" to them or to me. Guess you don't get out much, or you would know that there are millions of anonymous American civilians and troops, (and coalition troops and civilians, too) who work every day working WITH the Iraqis to make a better life FOR Iraqis.

Educate yourself, and then maybe you wouldn't feel this need to spew such angry venom.

Sorry to be so longwinded on this one but it gets me kinda angry ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. And who is this man? And why must he act like a pompous a** towards a woman. How shall I address a man with poor values, and a lack of intelligence to use his (Umm) NAME! Civilized cos I’m not a yank.. What is the real issue for you? I’ve done a little research, and it’s my professional opinion, “that you should seek immediate help.” Listen, we are here to express thought’s, ideals, passions, and attempt to relieve the stresses of everyday living.

It’s apparent, you’ve not mastered the skill when speaking to a LADY, and for whatever reason you have to sit and rant, and accuse people of being unkind, scrupulous, and disconcerted.. And “brown ones” are we referring to Muslims? So, your not just ignorant, you’re a bigot. I can’t speak for the owner of this site, but I know him well enough to say, you’re way off base in (your) thought process.

May I suggest to you in the future, when addressing a person it’s best to use the correct tone, and maybe, they will want to hear your concerns.. Someone with little intelligence knows “you catch more bee’s with honey” perhaps you’ve heard between these lines. Great thing about being “AMERICAN” is Pride!

time this one said...

Yeah Brat 'Millions of Iraqi's died at HIS hands'. That would be when Rumsfeld was over there shaking HIS hands and signing arms contracts with HIS hands, wouldn't it?
Oh, and I do know that there are troops over there 'working' with Iraqi's as one was a relative of mine. I say was, because now he is dead, blown to pieces by a road side bomb.
He had a family too, a wife and 2 children under 8.
Oh and if you too are not a Yank then good for you, even if you are 'long winded'.

Angelanfra; Try addressing the issue and not the sensibilities. Sorry I'm not Sir Galahad but my guess is you're no Queen Guenevere either.
Oh and as far as my being a bigot is concerned, try actually reading my comments you illiterate

Mary*ann; something terrible has already happened to you Yanks, it's called the Bush/Cheney Administration.