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Friday, April 04, 2008

Drew Carey on Immigration


Mary*Ann said...

I'm a bit disappointed...can't argue with anything Drew says...just one lil' word not

DebbieKinIL said...

ITA with MaryAnn- I think Drew is living in La la land. We don't discourage legal immigrants - we welcome them.

Yes, it is a battle for culture with the illegals from Mexico.

They are living 2 lives- the dream of the USA (great 1st life!) and the dream of returning with their wealth made in the USA to their homeland-Mexico. More often than not the 2nd life will never be realized and ends up in heartbreak for those workers that may have 2 families - one in the USA and one in Mexico.

But it is a hard choice NOT to come to the USA. It is just over the border and there is always work for those who are willing to do it. Also the USA offers free medical treatment and other services to those just IN the country- legal or not.

Unfortunately, Illegals have negatively impacted our society, because we as Americans have accepted their "cheap" labor as an alternative to higher prices. We do not need any more laws to controll our illegal problems- we need only to have each American employer obey the existing laws.

It is a fact in states with the highest rate of illegal Mexicans that the taxes are higher for everyone to accomodate easing the public service for the population. The quality level of these services has dropped in areas impacted by the illegals influx. And the 2nd gen of illegal Americans are assimulating - but NOT well. They are among the lowest in HS graduation percentage and highest in out of wedlock births and a now (I think) the fastest growning majority living in poverty.

IMHO their poor assimulation is a result of trying to live the dual lives taught to them by their parents. The public schools do not help. They should emphasize American values first- not the PC crap that your culure means more than ours....

So HooYah to Legal immigrants and welcome!

Sorry so long a comment :)