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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Five and a Half Years

It's becoming a popular thought, and an easy one, to believe that since we've not been attacked in five and a half years, that there are no more attacks to be had.

You see... the threats are drummed up by an administration that wants to distract the populace with fear to avoid them seeing all the other problems. Or so the thought goes - don't think it works so well... aren't we knee-deep in a Congressional hoo-hah about investigating people for not committing a crime? (Really people... to say that a politician hiring/firing a political appointee for political reasons is just playing politics. What do we expect? It's POLITICS, but that's another post.)

Some military strategists and cold war historians will remember this tactic: During the Cold War, we would often fly our aircraft right up to the Soviet Union's border, turning at the last possible second, to see what they would do. The Soviets would do the same. Cat and mouse. The objective was to get the enemy to think you were attacking and defend themselves... without anyone actually getting killed. Remember, back then, a small battle could have quickly grown into a history-ending war.

You always want to know how your enemy will react. What are their defenses? Their plans? Strategies? So you probe... testing their defense, try to have them show you their cards.

Alright, Kreskin, what's this got to do with not being attacked?

Do you think... do you REALLY think nothing has happened in the past five and a half years? al-Qaeda, et al, have done nothing?

No, we've been probed... and watched. Imams flying USAirways, for example. Good test of our reaction. Plenty of dry runs executed. People studying subways, vital assets, etc.

And due to the nature of our society, we do our best to help by publishing not only the probes that we catch, often letting them know how we caught them, but what our authorities did to respond.

Somewhere, there are teams of their group doing the same thing we do... game planning, playing "What If?", and coming up with ideas for attacks... and another group is dutifully recording all of our responses, even to incidents not caused by them, but educational just the same.

An attack will come, fellow Americans... and since they've studied us, I do predict it'll be catastrophic. Be prepared, not surprised, and keep this thought next time you go to a ballot box. Republican, Democrat, Liberarian, Green, Association-of-Purple-Horned-People-Eaters, whatever... make sure you keep this thought in mind for whomever you vote for: 1) How will they work to prevent the next attack, and 2) When it does come, what will they do to react?

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Mary*Ann said...

Funny you should post this today. This a.m.'s Cleveland paper has an article in the Home & Garden section...she's talking about her small crawl space attic..."We've never gone into the space. And we have no intention of ever accessing it, unless Lakewood is invaded by foreign troops and we all have to hide." Humorous...a joke...inconceivable... a threat to *us* from a foreign nation. Lack of imagination.