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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Killing the Children

In a recent post, I posited a scenario where the terrorists attack our children in a plot to bring this country to a standstill, and to its knees.

It's a scenario that is counter to our intuitive nature; we do not imagine it possible that people would attack children. However, we need to remember that the enemy in our current struggle is not like us. We would like to believe that we are the same as they, that they live their daily lives as we do, but... it's important to know that the enemy is different.

How so?

This enemy does not hold the same values towards life. Don't believe me?

Let's review some stories.

Remember the great air terror scare last August (August, 2006)? One of the results is that we tend to mock the resulting security screening efforts -- no liquids of more than a minuscule amount, clear baggies, etc. Yet we seem to have lost one of the most frightening details.

Of the 20+ suspects arrested, two of the suspects were a man and wife. Part of their plan was to smuggle elements of the explosive in their baby's bottle, to avoid suspicion. Now think - in order to avoid suspicion, the baby would have to be present. That's right. They were going to bring their six month old baby on board the aircraft they planned to obliterate from the sky.

Remember the hostages at Beslan? Where Islamic terrorists stormed a school, herded the children into a gymnasium, wired with explosives? Perhaps you recall how when some children tried to escape, the terrorists shot them? Many children dead.

Latest Terror Tactic
In this article, we learn that the enemy in Iraq is trying something new. In order to more easily slip past checkpoints with a car full of explosives, they will fill a car with a man, a woman, and children in the back seat. Now, the car looks less like a suspicious rolling bomb and more like a nice Arab family out for a drive.

Of course, should the "family" be stopped and questioned, perhaps asked to consent to a search, they will either protest loudly about how a family shouldn't be searched OR accept the target of opportunity and blow up the checkpoint.

But, if they're waved through, as happened recently, then they will drive to their target. The adults take off running, and detonate the car bomb - with the children still inside.

We think our children are safe because who would attack children? Our enemy. They want us dead. Not hurt... dead. They don't want to assimilate us. They wish to eradicate us. Our nation, our culture... is an affront to them. And if they can accomplish that by killing infidel children, so be it.

Be aware of what we're facing, and of what they're capable.

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Mary*Ann said...

Again I say, lack of imagination...that there are people who's thought processes are so very different from ours that they could use children, ours, their own, to make a "point". Lack of imagination that evil really is not just monsters in the movies.