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Sunday, April 08, 2007


Today, in church, the pastor took a moment to include in his litany of areas of the world crying out for our help... Darfur.

It's a tragedy. It absolutely is. Over 400,000 are suspected of having died already.

The reason for this is, essentially, a conflict between the Janjaweed and various rebel groups. Most of those killed are caught in the cross-fire.

And there are quite a few calling for our involvement. They want us to fly in with our military strength and put a stop to the violence.

To end the civil war.

To place our troops in between two sides shooting each other.

In an area of the world with no national security significance to the United States.

But... wait. Aren't these the same concerns that are raised on why we should withdraw from Iraq? It's a civil war. Our troops are caught in a crossfire. Iraq has nothing to do with the United States.

(Freebie for radical leftists... Darfur doesn't even have oil.)

So, in all seriousness... why Darfur? It doesn't meet the requirements that the anti-war folks are stating for getting us out of Iraq.


MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Glad you called attention to this. Every time I hear a so-called celebrity mention Darfur, I think of how two-faced they are (and plain old dumb!).

David Moore said...

Most of those killed are caught in the cross fire are they? For your information (and boy do you need it) the civilians ARE the targets. The rebels formed as a response to the genocide that is being perpetrated upon the black Africans by the Muslim's who have migrated south due to encroaching desertification of their traditional lands. Still you're absolutely right about the US not intervening, NO OIL (and I didn't even need your freebie) because of course altruism of just plain old humanity would never do would they? (and you call yourselves Christians). Just to think of all those gun toting Muslims down there that you could be laying into (unlike Iraq where they are laying into you) that alone you'd think would be enough to bring the 101st screaming baby burners into town. On the other hand though, maybe it's lucky for those same civilians that the yanks don't come, as what the Janjaweed have done to them would be as nothing after a bit of good old US colateral damage. Do you ever wonder why the whole world hates America?