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Monday, October 29, 2007

My Thoughts on a Few Issues

Tis the season for politics. So, why not share where I stand on a few points of interest?

I classify myself as Libertarian, but I refuse to join the Libertarian Party. Why not? Because, they refuse to support the effort to stop the Islamofascists, at least, not until they come directly to our shores.


I am a supporter of the FairTax. Do you realize that the budge allocation in the 2008 Budget Proposal for the Internal Revenue Service is over eleven billion dollars!? That means that the service that manages our ever convoluted tax code has to take in eleven billion dollars before a single penny goes to any other part of the government... like the Army, or roads, the CDC, or what have you... That's INSANE. Take a look at the FairTax... and study it. It's a very valid proposal, and for starters, we can save approximately eleven billion dollars.

Amendment X

I'm a strong believer in the Constitution. It's the roadmap to our government and our country, and I'm willing to bet that most people are only sketchilly familiar with it. Are you? Take a look here for the whole thing.
Amendment X is a special one though. It's designed to limit the role of the Federal government. We all hear about the government being too big, having grown larger, or the famous quote, "The era of Big Government is over." Candidates campaign on the issue all the time. But, did you know that the Bill of Rights already has taken care of the issue... if we merely held our government to the fire? Amendment X reads "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."
How about that? It limits the powers and growth of the government right there. Let's get back to that, shall we?

Term Limits

Unnecessary. What we should be asking for are informed voters with spines. Every two years, we as Americans are given the opportunity to completely replace the ENTIRE House of Representatives and a third of the United States Senate. Term limits are offered right there. Don't like your representative? Vote him/her out. Instant term limits.


Not the Iraqi theater or the Global War (World War IV, as some call it). No, war in general. The last time our country declared war was World War II. Since then, we've committed our forces numerous times (Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Desert Storm, OEF, OIF, Cambodia, Laos, and that's just the Top 10). All without a declaration of war.

It seems such a triviality, but... declaring war shows a level of committment. That the Country is formally determined to defeat an enemy. Why don't we do this anymore? We declare war on poverty, hunger, AIDS, drugs, crime, what have you... but actually declare a military war? Nah, no guts for that.


Abolish the Department of Education. $58 billion. And we're still slipping... Return control of schools to the local communities. Who better to know how to teach the local kidlets? The local parents. That's where the funding comes from... and the kids... and the values. Imagine the drive to ensure your community has good schools if it's truly up to the community.


Legalize them. Yep, I know, lost a lot of folks right there. We've been told how evil drugs are. And, in truth, they do some nasty things to people. But, it's their choice. But, SCEagle, what about what an intoxicated person does? Well, do we not already HAVE laws? Person is high and drives their car and kills someone. We HAVE a law against killing someone. Vehicular homicide, for instance. Also DWI. But, if you want to sit in your home and get high... go for it. Prohibition didn't work... why do we expect a different result with a "war" on drugs? By the way, DEA = $1.8 billion.


We need to increase our spending here. Obviously, we have quite an enemy right now, and we are stretching our resources to the bone. Let's get serious about this, shall we? Nuff said.


Personal opinions aside, why do we feel that one law can fit a nation of over 300 million people, of such diversity (hey, I've paid attention in my diversity classes) spread out over such a large area...? Each of our states is more in tune for the people in that area... If Rhode Island's populace votes for full abortion, then that's what they decide; and if New Mexico says no, then no there. Yes, it's a patchwork. But that's how it SHOULD be. Each state is different, each population different, and the laws should reflect those folks' wishes and intents.


There are way too many federal offenses. How often do we hear that a citizen was arrested on local charges, acquitted, and now the feds are pursuing the same charges, but on a federal level? Sure, there are crimes at the federal level - treason, for one. Kidnapping (across state lines) would be another. But this is ridiculous. Let's trim it back down. If it's a local crime, then leave it local.


No, I'm not apologizing for something. It's done way too often. Every time someone ruffles someone else's feathers, there are vocal demands for an apology. And soon, a well-worded, carefully crafted apology is trotted out. We're even apologizing for actions by now dead people against other now dead people. Huh? An apology made by someone who was not at all responsible carries weight? Pah. Apologies are becoming worthless because they're so overused. Stop it! An apology is most sincere when it's offered, not when it's demanded.

Health Care

We're serious? We're actually saying that because our own health care is not a priority to us, we expect the whole country to take care of it? Because the government has shown such success with every other public welfare priority.
And the idea that people don't have health care... pah. First, anyone can go to the emergency room for an emergency. Also, for the poor, truly poor, we have MedicAid. For seniors, MediCare...

For the rest of us... health care is like anything else. I'd like a bigger house. Should the country buy it for me? No. I'd like a nicer car? Same question. Now, for me personally, health care is free. And folks, let me assure you, while it's nice to not pay anything, the bureaucracy and quality can be nightmarish. We DO NOT WANT THIS nationwide. Don't believe me? Enlist... try it out. We either make health care a priority in our lives or not. We buy the health care that we can afford and that we feel is appropriate. That's how it should be.


What we're really discussing is Illegal Immigration. It's illegal. Thus, the name. So, what's the question?

These are just a few of my thoughts and positions... more to come later.


Andrea Shea King said...

SC --

I agree with you on every point. I'm going to write a short piece and link it over to you. You've said it as well or better than I could.

I like your thinking...


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Interesting views. Agree for the most part - jury still out on FairTax, but pros seem to outnumber cons.