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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reading List Suggestion

Quick... can you name some of the last politically correct groups to make fun of?

Women? Pshaw... come on, you know better.

_______________ - Americans? Nuh-uh. It doesn't matter which hyphenated group it is, there's an advocacy group to ensure that no sense of humor of any kind may be applied towards that group, at least, not without proper and prior screening, focus groups, and test subjects.

Oh, I know... the homose... nah, let's not even consider that.

Give up? Well, of course there's obese Americans. They are ok. Men in general are ok, after all, pick any commercial on tv. And sitcoms. And movies. Well, you get the idea.

And let's not forget one of the most enduring groups - Southerners! (You can just hear the hissing.)

Southerners are dumb. Right?
Southerners are uneducated. Dolts.
Southerners are throwbacks, still fighting the Civil War Between the States, aren't they?
Southerners... don't they realize the deal with that flag?
Southerners all have guns! And we know what type of people use guns.

That is the prevailing view. We all are familiar with it. If you look deep into our eyes (behind the mirrored sunglasses), you'd see the familiarity with this stereotype.

Yet, the truth is out there. I'd like to recommend this article for your perusal.

Quit stonewallin', and go take a peek.

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