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Saturday, November 03, 2007

She Raises a Good Question

I've wondered this myself, but Michelle Malkin says it a bit better.

Forget for a second whether you adore or loathe her...

We hear, repeatedly, how you can be against the war and support the troops. So, here is a perfect opportunity - non-partisan, pure support the troops effort. No statements about the war being made.

And even better, you can host it on your blog without even having to donate yourself (though, I would recommend doing so.)

Sure, you are asked to join a "team" that represents a military service, and so if you don't have a fondness for the military, that can be a bit hard to swallow... but still, it's an opportunity to support the troops. And if you're ardently against the war, this is a bonus, as it's for the troops who've been savagely used by the em Bush Administration in their vicious, private war to secure outrageous oil profits for their friends in Texas (did I get that right?).

So, where are the blogs from the liberal side of the field?

The silence, as they say, is not only deafening, but it's speaking volumes.

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Mary*Ann said...

If what "they" say is true and they support the troops but not the war...they can go directly to the Soldiers' Angels website and donate and not have to join a team. But they really support the troops?