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Saturday, November 10, 2007

We Always Hate to Know You're Faking It

News reports today (I'll add links later) detail that Mrs. Clinton's campaign has admitted planting questions at a news conference.


First, wasn't anyone on her staff paying attention when a few weeks prior, FEMA staff had the genius idea of faking a whole news conference? Apparently so, yet instead of taking the expected Democrat outlook (expected because FEMA is currently under a Republican administration, or more exactly the most evil doer of all, Bush) that this was a colossal error to be focused upon and made fun of... No, someone took notes thinking, "What a GREAT idea!"

Did I mention stupid?

This is actually simple. There are some truths (dare I use the word?) that Americans rely on. One is that the news is REAL (isn't that correct, Mr Rather?) . We do not like the idea of it being faked or created (Dateline got in trouble awhile back for gas tanks falsely exploding).

It is also true that we expect our politicians to lie. It wouldn't be such an enduring punch line if it weren't true. We certainly expect anyone with the surname 'Clinton' to do it. The catch is... You're expected to at least not be obvious about it ("I did not have sex with that woman"... Ohhh, THAT woman, then yes).

We dumped the FEMA guy who oversaw faking the news conference. Does the Clinton campaign expect a different standard be upheld?

It comes down to this, and if I may be so crass, since Mrs. Clinton is playing the gender card, she SHOULD know this... If you're going to fake it, and we'd like to believe you're not, be convincing and don't get caught. Few things bruise a man, or a voter's ego, such as discovering that it was all an act.

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