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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Government Schools

I had a frightening experience last night. We were working on D's homework.

Some background: Last week was the week for Virginia's standardized testing (as mandated by No Child Left Behind).

As one might expect, while the intent of the test is to measure how well the students have learned their material over the year, what actually occurs is called "Teaching to the Test".


Any guesses on how successfully students learn, retain, and COMPREHEND their material?

What's frustrating is that they are "teaching" methods, for mathematics in particular, that do NOT enable functionality for the student. For example, instead of multiplication tables, they're taught calculators and charts. And we wonder why the cashiers of today can't make change?

It is HORRIFYING the destruction being wreaked on our youth's intelligence and future capabilities.


We MUST take back our schools... If "Children are our Future", then we need to wake up TODAY!

By the way, the Virginia tests are called the SOL exam... How apt... because if we don't do something, and soon... that's exactly what our children will be... SOL.

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Mary*Ann said...

I had a run in with a teacher over using me the label of "troublemaker" parent!