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Friday, May 16, 2008

Putting Words In the Mouth of Another

Seen on a church sign: "Keep using my name in vain - I'll make rush hour longer. -God"

Anyone see a problem with this?

A majority of Judeo-Christian teaching these days teaches of a merciful, forgiving God. The line above sounds more like the vengeful OT God... You remember the one who tested his worshippers loyalty, etc?

But worse, it's an example of us putting words in themouth of another... And as typical, it can't be countered or argued. Much like a forwarded email saying "Can you believe what _______ said?"

Just a thought... If God is as we describe him, do we need to put words in his mouth?

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jackb29 said...

Thank you for your blogs, I was very impressed with the "Flag to a pawnshop" video.

I was stationed at Illeshiem from FEB 76 until NOV 79 as an LT in 1st BN 6th INF.

I was touched very much by your family's struggle with your wifes cancer.

God bless you.