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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Civil Discourse?

What has happened to civil discourse? Recently, on the annual MLK holiday, it was remembered that part of Mr. King's greatness was his passive protests. When the authorities responded with water cannons and dogs on protesters peacefully and calmly walking... the world quickly voted with their opinion and sympathy and their movement made progress.

This weekend, a protest was held in Washington to protest the War (apparently, just the Iraqi theater). Several sad occurences, or lack thereof...

  • The lack of counter-protesters. Come on, folks. Take it to the next level. Once you have the yellow ribbon on your bumper, come on out for a weekend. Especially when Code Pink and others have their national media covered/touted protest. Show your support with your actions and your time.

  • Anti-war protesters spray painted the Capitol. Yep, that's right. Vandalism. Great way to make your point. I know I'm always convinced in a discussion by the best grafitti design. Respect. No longer there.

  • And the worse part? Spitting on SPC Josua Sparling! You MUST be kidding me. I don't care if you support the war, or think that it's all a huge conspiracy by President Bush to make his buddies rich... to spit on a war veteran (who just had his leg amputated last month) is reprehensible. THESE are the representatives of the anti-war movement? So, please, please... tell me that when this group got back to their hotel or wherever, and one person said, "Yeah, man... I saw one of those army guys... spit on him! Showed him what we really think of what he does," were there cheers? Smiles? High-fives? This is the same Soldier who received the card with a death wish while he was recuperating at Walter Reed. I hope those who follow Code Pink, et al, feel shame... but sadly, I doubt they will.

You can read more about this in your local newspaper... um, no, probably not.



Mary*Ann said...

No...not a word...and no mention *ever* of code pink's ties to International Answer...and several other communist groups. Sad

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

The majority was quiet in Germany about seventy-odd years ago, until Naziism grew. Very few Germans were true Nazis, and we either too busy to care or did not believe that the Nazi Party would grow as it did. Those same people who took no action wound up losing everything. Conservatives need to wake up and spring to action, or we too will we swept away by growing minority fanaticisms (Radical Islam and Leftist Liberalism).