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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Short Synopsis of My Orientation

Political orientation... sheesh, talk about going to the gutter right off to bat.

On any trendy political orientation test, I score out as a Libertarian. Sure, it's a "bad" word, but it's what I score as.

I do not fit an easy definition. I don't identify with any particular political party, be it Democrat, Republican, Green, Reform, Libertarian, what have you.

I wouldn't label myself as conservative or liberal, at least not the way they're bandied about. I am definitely of the conservative persuasion, but I can sympathize with some liberal views, too.

So now you're thinking, this guy's a fence-sitter. Wants to please everyone.


I'm definitely a narrow Constitutionalist. I like as little government as needed and as possible. I think we've grown too much of a government, and quite frankly, I have no idea how to shrink it back down. How do you reduce a 6'2" young man back to the 21" young baby? You don't. Not very prettily, and certainly not without a lot of pain. And quite likely, you'll kill the patient. So, no idea how to achieve the ideal I seek.

I don't like making decisions based on the emotion of the moment. Not to say that emotions are irrelevant, as they are what make us human. They help us feel. But to decide by emotion exclusive of deliberative thought is fool-hardy. And vice-versa.

I believe that government is too intrusive. I believe in the free-market. I believe in reducing our foreign entanglements (no, that is not code for Iraq). I believe in reducing taxes. I believe in equality for all in our country. I believe in citizenship meaning something. I lament the lack of civic knowledge and education in our country.

And that's just a beginning.

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Good job, SC. Keep up the good work...and stay in the fight. We need you.